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three panels residential aluminum bi fol


Bifold doors are a kind of folding exterior door made up of several panels that fold back against the wall in sections as a concertina. The framed glass panels slide along a track to make them easy to open and close.

With large panes of glass that let in plenty of natural light, exterior bifold doors are usually on the back of a house leading to a patio or garden - we also offer industrial bifolding doors, where we cater for all types of cliental. Like traditional sliding doors, bifolding doors, patio doors and industrial frames and glass.

Connect your home, garden and or business with a stylish set of Aluminium external bifold doors. Add to the outside of your home or as an inside door between your conservatory and living space.

Our bifold doors are made from aluminium, a material known for its durability and bold range of colours. Unlike uPVC or wood, aluminium bifold doors have slimmer frames that can support larger panes of glass to make for some impressive views.

The price of our bifold doors covers the whole process end-to-end, from survey to the delivery and installation. Get your free quote today.


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